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Liquid Optical Brighteners

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Product Description

Product Name: Optical Brightener DS-150

Synonyms: OBA liquid DS-150, Fluorescent whitening agent DS-150


Introduction: It is di-sulphonated based DSD derivatives, wine-red liquid. It is easy to blend with pulp and has good brightening effects for paper.


Technical Data:


Wine red liquid

pH value


Fluorescence Strength, %

(against standard sample)




It is widely used as optical brightening agent for paper industry.

When applied in pulp, It can be directly added into pulp pond after diluted water, or feed to pulp pipe directly by metering pump. If it is acid sizing system, then you’d better add the product before sizing. If pulp wasn’t bleached completely, or has excessive bleaching agent, It will influence the whitening effects greatly. In that case, We can add sodium hyposulphite into pulp, then we can get good performance.


When applied in surface sizing system, it can be directly blended with sizing agent.


Packing: 250kg plastic drum

Transportation & Storage: Store in cool, dry and ventilated place, keep away from direct sunlight. Transport as per non-dangerous chemicals.

Shelf life: 6 months

Product Image

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