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Alkenyl Succinic Anhydride

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Product Description

Product Name: Alkenyl Succinic Anhydride

Synonyms: ASA


ASA is widely used in paper industry as neutral sizing agent. It is one of the new and innovative neutral sizing agent used in non-bauxite sizing agent system. It can control the paper-making chemical process of damp sector, improve the chemical system of paper-making and operation system of paper machine. It is the most important adjuvant of the paper industry. ASA can improve many performances of paper greatly, such as water-proof, tensile strength, wearability, whiteness, non-transparency, strength of recycled paper. It has conquered many shortcoming of using acid gum rosin sizing agents, such as low whiteness, yellow, brickle, low lifetime, corrosion to equipment etc. ASA can reduce the times of cleaning paper screen and pipes, make low corrosion to equipment, it can prolong the lifetime of paper machine 60% than using of gum rosin sizing agent.



Pale Yellow Oily liquid

Average Molecular Weight


Viscosity (20C), mm2/s


Acid Value, mg KOH/g


Special Gravity


Reflaction Index


ND20 purity


Iodine Value, g I2/100g



Recommended use:

Against different quality of paper, the recommended dosage of ASA per ton of paper pulp as follows:

Kind of paper

Recommended dosage (kg/mt)

High quality paper, cardboard, copy paper etc.


Hectograph paper, wall paper, pacing paper, dishware and beverage box etc.


Emulsification process

1.       Spot emulsification in paper factory, similar to the use of gum rosin, the sizing of ASA is finished when paper is made out.

2.       Simple emulsification equipment, such as colloid mill and dispersible emulsification equipment etc.

Method of emulsification: ASA is formulated with cationic starch adjuvant or anion adjuvant and other additives on spot, and then the emulsion is added into the entrance of pump and screen.

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